Thoosje 2D Map Editor ~ BETA 1

The Simple Map Editor for 2D Games

Thoosje 2D Map Editor is a lightweight & user friendly tool for creating and editing tile based maps for 2D games. Thoosje 2D Map Editor supports the (.tmx) TMX File Extension which is one of the most commonly used file extensions for tile based maps.

Note: 2D Map Editor is still in BETA and many features don't work! should be used for testing purposes only!

  • 100% Free Of Charge
  • Lightweight & User Friendly UI
  • Many Cool Editing Features for quickly creating 2D Maps
  • Supports Importing & Exporting TMX Files
  • Supports .PNG & .BMP Tilesets
  • Supports Multiple Tilesets Per 2DMap
  • Supports Win7, Win8, Win10
  • Requires .NET Framework 4.7.2