TSWaveRecorder Class


  Name Description
TSWaveRecorder() Initializes new instance of the TSWaveRecorder class

TSWaveRecorder Properties

  Name Description
bool IsRecording Gets MediaFile Recording Status

TSWaveRecorder Methods

  Name Description
void Start(string recordingFileAlias) Start Recording MediaFile
void Stop(string recordingFileAlias) Stop Recording MediaFile
void Save(string filePath, string recordingFileAlias) Save Recording as WAVE File to specified location on drive

TSWaveRecorder Code Example

  // create & initialize recordingID and recordingFilePath
  string recordingID = "myRecordingID";
  string recordingFilePath = "C:\\Users\\Thoosje\\Recordings\\recording.wav";

  // create & initialize TSWaveRecorder instance
  TSWaveRecorder waveRecorder = new TSWaveRecorder();

  // start recording audio
  // save audio recorded to recordingFilePath on drive
  waveRecorder.Save(recordingFilePath , recordingID);
  // stop recording audio