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2D Map Editor BETA 1

Thoosje 2D Map Editor is a lightweight & user friendly tool for creating and editing tile based maps for 2D games. Thoosje 2D Map Editor supports the (.tmx) TMX File Extension which is one of the most commonly used file extensions for tile based maps.

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TS32 Gaming Engine

TS32 Project is a lightweight engine & framework for learning 2D game development with Visual C# and Visual Basic.NET

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Lee-Soft.com was made by the creator of ViStart the ultimate start menu replacement for all versions of Windows, Here you can get NEW skins for your windows start menu and NEW button replacements for your windows start menu button! and you can even upgrade your windows taskbar to the brand new Windows superbar! Why not check out the NEW skins gallery and start picking your favourite start menu. Enhance and enrich your Windows desktop enviroment for FREE today with Lee-Soft.com.

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FediaFedia Is a very talented designer and developer who contributed to many online communities! FediaFedia is also known for working on Rainbar and Geek Typer. FediaFedia also working on Omnimo UI which is a graphical desktop information center that comes with hundreds of widgets that you can use on your desktop. Everything can be customized precisely to your liking.

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Even in the most developed nations atleast 10% of the total population have been a victim of an internet crime! Local law enforcements who maintain order in the streets are simply not capable of dealing with these astronomical numbers of crime on the internet. Also internet crimes usually are being commited from another country or continent where your law enforcement has no juristiction.

At deeveeaar we combat scammers 24/7 worldwide! We are now launching a brand new portal to report internet crime! We will take them down no matter where they are and no matter how organized they are! We use the latest hacking tools & technologies used by cyber criminals to give them a taste of their own medicine. We have taken away millions of revenue each year simply by flooding mallicious callcenters or by exposing individuals who are running multi-million dollar scams.

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